Experimental swRX

The Stampfl receiver is still in its experimental stadium and is not, comparable to a KWZ-30, Reuter or Perseus receiver.

But an Assembly kit for the near future is in planing. Specially made for HAM Radio Enthusiast how like to build their own radios.

The technology used with exception of the TFT Display and DDS is analog. A standard IC in DIL execution makes the circuit easy to build up. Many components are therefore inexpensive to acquire. Compromisses where made in: frequency stability, frequency accuracy, and birdies.

Great emphasis where made on the selection in the input circuit with T-50 toroidal cores and quartz filter in the 1st IF (8-pin). The circuit requires no further tuning. A measurement park is not necessary.

Summary :

An interesting device with easy operation, attractive design and competitive price.

Thanks to Rolf HB9QN for time-intensive support in software.